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21.11.2017 9.00 UTC

Testdrive XRSS ON CRYPTO-MARKET Presale video
  • Security
  • Transparent system
  • Minimal risks
  • Refund guarantee
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How it works?

How it works?

You investment will be divided into two parts: 80% will back your coins, and 20% will be spent on project development and attraction of new users. It’s easy like one-two-three:

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    It all starts with Bitcoin. Prepare your wallet and bitcoins

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    You invest BTC into XRONOS aggregator

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    XRSS works for you, doing everything to increase capitalization of your investments

What you get

Risk deversification
Rate increase with the growing market
Supporting Stable Coin concept
Guarantee refund


XRSS (XRONOS RATE STABILIZATION SYSTEM) developed by the XRONOS team. It is an autonomous system of management of advanced cryptoassets tested by durable application to secure cost and liquidity of every coin of XONOS (XPO). XRSS has been developed for those who want to invest in the entire blockchain industry at once, without need to study specifics of every coin or project. If, being asked a general question ‘Blockchain – yes or no?’, you answer yes, then the tool has been created exactly for you.


XBA is an analytical XronoBot. It is an analytical system module to study the cryptocurrency market, some indices of classic economy (GAW and SDR) and controls the other modules.


GAW is an average global index that specifies the cost of a working hour on the planet. The index is built on the basis of open data officially provided by member-countries of OECD.


SDR is an index applied by the IMF for internal calculations between member-countries of the Fund. It consists of five largest global currencies proportionally to their volume in the world economy.


XBE is an emission XronoBot. By the command of XBA it sells new XPO at the price of GAW+1%, specified by the system. The obtained funds are to be sent to the cryptocurrency basket (CCB)


XBG is a guaranteeing XronoBot. It is a twin-brother of XBE to perform an opposite job – to buy extra XPO at the price specified by the system and to pay for them with the funds of cryptocurrency basket.


CCB is a cryptocurrency basket (portfolio) containing coins whose total capitalization is ~95% of cryptocurrency market. Under control of XBA it redistributes the obtained resources into growing assets and supports the growth of XPO capitalization.

image description image description image description
image descriptionBTC

BTC. You will need Bitcoins to start working with XRONOS

image descriptionXPO

XPO. Having invested your Bitcoins to XRSS, you will acquire XPO and be ready to start working with XRONOS


System helps realizing stabilization
steps and makes XPO stable

Liquidity and XPO backing

Liquidity and XPO backing

CCB - cryptocurrency basket - is one of the key elements of the XRSS. Its functions differ a bit at the stages of project development. At the beginning of the project its main purpose is to control XRONOS capitalization increase and to maintain coin liquidity. After reaching the goal, CCB becomes responsible for exchange rate stability, because by its means XPO supply and demand balance will be controlled. In all phases of the Xronos development each unit of XPO is backed by cryptocurrencies which are located in CCB.

Rate and Emission of Xronos

Total supply

Supported by XRSS

On market:
8.26118983 BTC
Cold Storage:
6.2611319 BTC
Operative storage:
0.00018 BTC
Order Walls:
Will be posted after 21.11.2017

Cryptocurrency Basket (CCB)



Development of cost for any currency can be either speculative or utilitarian (on the basis of its real useful application). We have developed three product phases that enable smooth transition from speculative growth to utilitarian one. The ultimate goal of XPO exchange rate growth is to reach the mark of GAW – the index of cost of average man-hour, where it will be fixed forever.

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Under Pressure 2017
XRSS product launch stage
Read more
Spread decrease 2018
XPO integration and application stage
Read more
Shallow 2019
The stage of stabilization due to supersecurity of XPO
Read more
Fund distribution structure

Fund distribution structure

Usually at Presale or ICO, developers raise funds for a new product or technology, and use 100% of received funds on their inventions. While we have two rules of distribution. At our Presale and ICO, only 20% will be spent on development, while the remaining 80% are ensuring the value of the cryptocurrency and literally work for you. As stabilization process is finished, 98/2 proportion is used for distribution of the funds. The lion’s share is in the CCB capitalization and a just a small part of the funds is spent on project maintaining and development.

Development funds distribution

  1. Step XRONOS PRESALE Read more
  2. Step XRONOS ICO Read more
  3. Step GLOBULA PRESALE Read more
  4. Step GLOBULA ICO Read more
LESS THAN 21 million XPO image description 80/20 Rule
MORE THAN 21 million XPO image description 98/2 Rule
Presale and ICO Roadmap

Presale and ICO Roadmap

We divided XRONOS establishing process into four easy and intelligible stages. Each stage has its own target. And the planned prices for each one of the steps are guaranteed. One of the key factors, ensuring its growth will be the rise of the crypto-market capitalization: after all, each unit of XPO is backed by almost 95% of the crypto-market.

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1. Step XRONOS Presale 21.09 - 21.10 Read more
2. Step XRONOS ICO 21.11 - 21.12 Read more
3. Step GLOBULA Presale 30.03 - 30.04 Read more
4. Step Globula ICO 30.05 - 30.06 Read more
Our Team

Our Team

Our Partners




Why would you think, that XPO price will rise?
  1. Due to backing and support of XPO by the CCB;
  2. Due to four stages of stabilization;
  3. Because XRONOS is the very new and perspective technology itself;
  4. Because we support XRONOS with absolutely new ways of its application, which we create ourselves.
How will the system return me 80% of my money, if I quit?

You can return your money back at any crypto-exchange stock, which supports XPO/BTC, since the guaranteeing xronobot XBG permanently sets out purchasing orders. Later on it will be enough to convert received bitcoins into any currency you like.

Why will cryptocurrency be inactive until ICO?

It will be active, i.e. you will be able to transfer your coins between the wallets, but it won’t be accepted by trading platforms until ICO. XRONOS integration into trades takes much more time, as XRONOS is not a fork of any known currencies. As a consequence, integration process also differs and this holds on cooperation with exchanges. It is much easier for exchanges to follow the common process, meaning integrate Ethereum tokens, as they work by the similar standards.

What will Presale 20% go for?

In general they will be spent on expansion of our team and full ICO conduction.

How to register a Wallet / buy XPO?

At a current stage of XPO evolution you can buy XPO on our website xronos.space in your personal account. You can also create your wallet there, using desktop or mobile version of our website. Mobile version is available for Android and iOS.


Where is XRSS located? Doesn’t it centralize the system?

At a current (testing) stage, XRSS is located on our servers. But it has to validate all the operations before taking action, i.e. arriving at a consensus via circular signature, keeping information in process confidential. If even 20% out of 80 nodes won’t arrive at a consensus, then XRSS decision will be considered invalid. We don’t want to bring XRSS to the full political decentralization until it is fully tested. The moment we give our first master-nodes to the third-hand contributors, hence realizing PoS, is the moment the system becomes much more decentralized. But it will not be absolutely decentralized, as we’ll have to come through a few stages, before XRSS reaches the state of full decentralization. Now we suggest you to test its abilities and options.

Why would you think that XRSS will be successful?

Because this system proved its effectiveness in practice, conducting operations with real money for a long time. Before showing it to the public, we have carried out a huge number of tests.

Why is Cold Storage needed?

It is needed for maintaining total security of funds in a disastrous course of events.

Is it safe? Nobody will be able to steal from me, right?

As for XRONOS, it is as safe as using Bitcoins or Ethereum. As for CCB backing, we have provided all security measures which define today’s cryptographic standards. Not a single member of our team has the full access to the funds or ability to manage funds single-handedly. The only thin point of this topic is centralized exchanges. This is why we thoroughly do everything we can to integrate XRONOS solely into decentralized exchanges. Unfortunately, they are not developed properly enough for today.

What will happen if the exchange collapses?

If such thing happens at the stages of XRONOS development, then XRONOS’ backing will gradually fall, so as the XRONOS rate itself. But that does not mean that the price of XRONOS will fall as well.

If this happens after XRONOS stabilization stages and its rate fixing on GAW (Shallow stage), then even in a situation of halving of the backing, XRONOS rate won’t be budged by a pip.


How to make money on the ICO?

With the beginning of ICO, you will get the opportunity to sell coins to other users at those crypto-markets, which support XPO/BTC. As the emitting xronobot XBE will always set out purchasing orders at $3.50, and you will have bought coins during Presale at $2.15, you will be able to gain some money, offering coins for a bit less than the system does. The users will buy them from you, and you will benefit. The last thing is to convert those Bitcoins into any convenient currency.

Is it necessary to sell coins on the ICO?

No, you can leave them for yourselves and wait for any other sale of coins with the higher price of crypto offered. You will get the maximal profit from selling those coins in a year when the XPO rate will equal $21.50.

Why won’t system buy the coins at $3.50?

Because this will interrupt the logical operation of four stages of stabilization, thus shaking its capitalization. Guaranteed withdrawal will be held at a price a little bit more expensive than the starting one at a previous step.

What happens if I buy more XRONOS coins?

They will also bring you income, remarking that the total percentage will differ. All the other operations between coins of different time of emission / redemption won’t differ at all.

Steps to buy


  1. Register in Bitcoin network
    Read more
  2. Register in Xronos system
    Read more
  3. Create Xronos wallet
    Read more
  4. Authorize in Xronos system
    Read more
  5. Perform transaction
    Read more
  6. Receive Xronos
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